Monday, 31 October 2011

Etsy, the site that sells!

Once on Etsy you can click on the down arrow next to the search bar and click on any of the various headings listed on the drop down window, then type in a key word.... like painting acrylic and it will bring up all the acrylic paintings listed on Etsy.... kind of mind boggling when you see how much work is actually advertised on this site. Thanks Etsy!
As a seller and a buyer on this site I am a happy camper. They are a great crowd and the site is very efficient. Anyway that's what I've found :-D

Aether Designs by Kimiko
Kimiko is a leader of the team and she makes the loveliest jewelry. Take a peek at her shop Aether Designs.

Cross stitched items for all occasions by Cindy of  Ce Crafts.
Cindy is also a Leader on the Team visit her shop CeCrafts.

Cute Air plants in Corks! found in Constance's shop ArtCain
Constance is very active in the team. This is a good thing in a leader :-D Click here to go to ArtCain.

There is one more Leader. His name is Mike.
Mike also makes Hot Sweet Fire Salsa :-D
Mike is a Welding Artist. He creates Art out of things people throw away. His work is very interesting, worth a visit I think. :-D His shop is called EFace Designs.

Also you'll be able to, on this Blog,  click on any of the thumbnails listed in the :
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So that's my info for today :-D

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