How To Post a FREE SHOP HOP Advert.

It's really easy....
First... open another page where you can see the shop hop by clicking on HERE  implement the following instructions on that page!
1) Scroll down past all the thumbnail photo's that are already there till you see a blue buttoncalled 'ADD YOUR LINK'.  Click on that, another page will open up.

2) You then paste in the link to an item in your shop. ( to find the link: go to your Etsy shop and click on the item you want to show.... when it's up on the page go to the 'www' section, click on that to highlight the address (link) and then left click and copy from the www to the ?

3) Come back to this blog and paste it into the space shown where it asks for your 'url' or link)

4) Then fill in a short description or your shop name

5) Then fill in your email address..... you'll get an email telling you that you have submitted an item onto the Flea Market. I do not see or need your email address.

6) Some pictures will appear... choose the biggest one..check the size.... click Select. You'll be given the opportunity to 'Tweet' and FB this, You can skip this step if you like.....

7) afterwards click 'I want to go back to the linkup' To get back to the blog... or 'I want to add another link' and repeat the process.

If when you're transported back to the Cyber Flea Market ( Shop Hop), you may see it says 'Refresh in a few seconds'. This means that you should click on the little circle at the top by the 'www' line to refresh your whole page. When that is done you'll see your picture.

If you don't like what you see, and you can't find the little trash can ( sometimes that doesn't work ) drop me a line and I'll delete whatever it is you want deleted.. no problem.

On the 15th of every month the shop hop automatically goes into voting mode. You'll have the chance to put in one vote  each day till the voting ends at the end of the month..... To VOTE click the heart in the top rt hand corner of the item you like.

I hope you use this Cyber Flea Market Shop Hop often! People are selling from it so I know it works :-D





  4. Lovely people! Leaving your url's here will do nothing.. LOL you have to open another window with this blog in it, open at the shop hop, and leave the instructions open on this page ... implement the instructions on your new page where you can see the shop hop and the posted item thumbnails.
    That way you'll get to see your items in the shop hop... REMEMBER the shop hop goes into voting mode every 20th of the month!!!!! So you cannot post any items till the next shop hop :-)