Friday, 28 October 2011

The Birthday of MY CYBER FLEA MARKET Blog Hop for ETSY Shops!!!

Today is the birth of a brand new blog. The blog will be hosted by me, Sylvie.
I am going to be hosting Cyber Flea Market Hops every two weeks for Etsy shop owners!!

I wonder how many people reading this new blog have heard of Well ETSY.COM is like a HUGE flea market selling their wares to the public, 24/7, world wide. The hand made items are rather innovative and gorgeous. They make wonderful gifts.

The site also has shops that sell supplies to crafters, not only to other Etsy shops but also to the public. Lastly, but not least, there are the vintage shops where all manner of items, older than 20 years, are available.

There is an Etsy Team called "The Flea Market Team".
Every few days  these busy people host a BNR which is advertised and then attended by several hundred Etsians and visitors. Some BNR's are for certain items $10 and under and if you like what you see you can click onto the picture to get an enlargement that also takes you to the shop that sells the item. Once there you can surf the other items in the shop by clicking on the little photo's to the right or on the square that has the total number of items displayed in the shop. This will take you to the shops main page where thumbnails of all the items for sale are displayed.

To get back to the BNR you just back page till you get there. BNR stands for Buy 'N Replace. Which means that once something is bought from the board, it is almost immediately replaced by a new item.
So these BNR's normally run for 12 hours stretches, from 10am to 10pm, which gives the shopper plenty of time to have a good look as to what's on offer. Once you have bought something you review your purchase and in the browser will be the address of that transaction with a number, this you highlight and copy then you go back to the board where you first saw the item and paste it into the comments stating that you have just bought from such and such shop, along with the address of an item ( or if you're not a shop owner then you just name a shop that you like.) This alerts the board Curator and she sees to it that the new item is put onto the board.

It's extremely well organised and rather a lot of fun. Your feet don't get tired and the loo is always nearby :-D

To pay the team a visit look for a LINK listed under "Latest BNR board" . We will be updating this each time we have a BNR running.. Everyone is welcome..when you arrive, go to the comments and say hi to everyone and say how you got there..for example..Hi I saw this BNR on your blog :-D so I came to have a look.. etc..

Happy Shopping and we hope you enjoy the posts to come.

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