£10.50 for 3 months BIG HOTSPOT Advert!

If you would like to have a HOTSPOT advert on my blog, here is some information for you:

Space is available for advertisement in my sidebar. Your ad will show up on any page---my home page and on individual blog posts. I prefer the 125x125px size, but if you have a different sized banner, feel free to ask me about it.
For 1 month of advertisement: £5
For 3 months of advertisement: £10.50
(Prices may be subject to change later on.)
Send me and email on sylviesdesigns@gmail.com with the www address of the item you'd like to advertise and I'll sort it out. :-D

Extra bonuses for my paid advertising service! For each month, I will...
Show your button in my blog sidebar the entire month.
Spotlight one of your products in my Shop Hop.
(This is for the big photo showcase, above where everyone else links up for free)
Mention you and your products in Facebook and Twitter, often.
I'll also peruse your shop and choose items to advertise... unless you send me instructions of which ones you'd like me to advertise for you.


  1. http://www.etsy.com/listing/94510676/black-bold-and-chunky-beaded-hoop

    1. Putting your listing here does nothing. If you want to make use of this paid advert system then, LOOK across to the right, SEE a button with SUBSCRIBE on it.
      Just above that button is a DROP DOWN MENU where you choose either the ONE MONTH or the THREE MONTH subscription. After you've made your choice, click the SUBSCRIBE button and follow the instructions.