Saturday, 30 November 2013

December Shop Hop and November Winner!!

I tell you folks, I can hardly believe that we're at the last month of the year already. Where the heck did 2013 go? I know that some people will be pleased to see the end of this year, it has been a hard year for them and my heart goes out to them, I hope that this month will lead up to a fantastic 2014.
Others have had a wonderful year and are really looking forward to the December holidays.. well great, I'm happy for you all. Here's wishing everyone a fantastic Holiday season!!!

The winner of the November Shop Hop Contest is : Margaret Brown of Bothell, USA, and her shop is Rain City Quilts Margaret's quilt is called

Quilted wall hanging, winter, Christmas , birds and trees.

How gorgeous is this! You could hang it on the wall and pile your gifts up underneath it if you don't have space for a tree :-) Congratulations Margaret!!

December's Shop Hop / Flea Market follows. 
For some, December means Christmas or Hanukkah and to others it just means a time to head for the sunshine, sea and sand. So whatever you have that may depict any of these pass times, post it up!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

November 2014 Shop Hop and the October Winner!

Tweety Bee Stitches has Won the Vote! She put this lovely Table Runner up and it stole hearts ;-)

Congratulations to   Debi Hassler !!!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September Shop Hop and August's Winner!

It's happened again and it's soooo cool. The winning ad submitted this month is the same as the winner of the QQQ Quilt of the month Contest. Yep! It's that amazing quilt called :

The Old Oak by Jean Sredl who's shop is called Quick 2 Listen Fibre Art.
The Old Oak

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

AUGUST Shop Hop and July's Winners!

Yes I said Winners! This month 3 people got exactly the same number of votes, so they tie at first place!
Introducing in alphabetical order :-

Sultans Touch with their Lovely Quilted Wall Hanging with Dragonfly.

Sylvie's Art On Fabric  with The Moorish Idol Quilt Block.

Tweety Bee Stitches with her Bright Batik Star Quilt ... ( on sale )

They are really Beautiful! They will be posted on the QQQ pinterest board, the QQQ FB page, I'll be Tweeting them during the month of August.. I'll also post them on my FB page.... everyone is welcome to join me in doing this :-)
Well done and thanks for all the votes! :-)
Sultans Touch's Quilt 
Sylvie's Art on Fabric

Tweety Bee Stitches's Quilt

Now for This month's SHOP HOP !!!! I can hardly believe that we're in the 8 th month of this year already. If you missed out on the shopping for Christmas last month, maybe you can find some great items here!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

JULY Shop Hop and June's Winner!

This shop hop is a little late because we've been sailing again.. this time from New Zealand to Fiji. So I'm in Fiji now and getting back to normal. :-)
Last month's Shop Hop Winner is Sharon Reed who's shop is called Codysquilts... with her quilt "Square Rings Quilt".
Believe it or not This Quilt also won the June Quilt of the Month in the QQQ Team's monthly contest! How amazing is that! Well done Sharon, we're all so very chuffed for you!
Square Rings Quilt
The work that went into this is mind boggling...I just love the edge of this quilt too.
Okay well now onto July's Shop Hop.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May's Shop Hop Winner!!! and the new SHOP HOP :^D

Yay yay yay a Baby quilt won the last shop hop contest! How sweet is that! The quilt was hand made by Sydnye Helu of Midnight Owl Quiltery. Congratulations to You Sydney it's really gorgeous!

Baby Quilt " For the Halibut"

Unique Flameworked Borosilicate Glass cabochon Sterling Silver adjustable ring

WOW Theresa has outdone herself this month! This is just one of the new items she has in her store! 

This month of June Lets have some fun. It's summer, well it's supposed to be, lol, and even if it isn't where you live, how about some bright cheerful quilts, that folks might like to take on picnics or throw over their couch to brighten up a room. Lets Wow them hey! :^D

Monday, 29 April 2013

Aprils Winner and the new Shop Hop

I really don't know what happened to April, It's just zoomed by in a flash it seems..and now we have another winner. This time it's Wendy Rippeon of Warm and Cozy Quilts! Well done Wendy!  Wendy's shop has only been going since September last year but she seems to be doing quite well according to her feedback messages :-) keep up the good work Wendy and we wish you the best!  This quilt is gorgeous!
Next we have an item of beauty of another kind altogether. Theresa Hing is a jewellery designer and she comes up with some intriguing designs. One of her latest ones is this lovely bracelet :
Theresa is based in the UK and will post all over the world. Her Postage prices are very reasonable. I love her work it's so unique!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Shop Hop for Quilts and Quilt Supplies

Last Month's Winner of the Shop Hop was Cynthia Brunz. Her shop is called Cynthia B Designs
Cynthia has had her shop open on Etsy since August 2011 and has sold many quilts to happy customers. :^D  This is what her Quilt looks like:
Modern Lap Quilt in blue, green, purple, black patchwork
using Brooklyn Heights fabric by Kitty Yoshida
Below is an item from Theresa Hing's Jewellery shop on Etsy. Theresa is a very gifted lady.
Forged Sterling Silver geometric earrings with silver chains

Thursday, 28 February 2013


The Winner of February's Shop Hop is:  Debbie Bohringer with her delightful Sunset Quilt Pattern. A wonderful choice by all our followers! Thanks all for voting. You've been just great! 

Here is the winning item:
Just Gorgeous.

Next is an Ad from Theresa Hing's Jewellery Studio. Theresa makes really beautiful items to wear. It's really worth while perusing her shop.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The winner ! AND The Latest Shop Hop

The Winner of the November/ December Shop Hop is Vicki Schwam.. Congratulations Vicki! 

It was her Exclusive Quilted Table runner that was chosen! Click on the caption to go to her shop!

Unique and Elegant. Vicki's Quilted Table Runner. 

This Month's choices from Theresa Hing's Jewellery Studio are: 

                           Garnet Chips and Gold Vermeil Necklace

AND ........

Light blue Indian Chalcedony cabochon pendant and silver chain

Theresa Has some incredible Jewellery in her Etsy Shop, pieces that would easily make someone feel very special, Especially with Valentines day next month!

Let's kick off this year with an extra large SHOP HOP. No holds barred. Post as many as you want and visit the other shops.. TWEET, FaceBook, Google+ and if you click on the B it will take you to your own blog and post an introduction to this blog that your readers can click on to visit here. HOW COOL IS THAT?!