Friday, 4 November 2011

Don't Give up

Whenever you start something new it takes time and effort to continue it. Sometimes when you're creating, it takes no effort because it's something that just has to come out of you no matter what. Well it's like that for me most of the time :-)

So don't give up on us! We've just opened and are still looking for recruits. The word is OUT and circulating amongst the team. I expect a slight trickle in response.... well actually I hope for more :-)

It has oft been said, give a job to a busy person and it will get done, give it to someone who has a lot of time on their hands and you'll never see it again. I think that's because a busy person co-ordinates their time, or they try to and they do get to it, sooner rather than later.

A word to the team members: The great thing about being able to use this site as a BRAG spot for our creations or wares is that each of us can schedule it to be published at a certain time and day. How cool is that hey! SO  even if you're going to be busy for the next two weeks but have half an hour now, you could create one or two Brags and arrange for them to be published the same day you expect to upload the new listing .. wham!... exposure! YES! :-)

Okay back to our visitors : So please don't give up on us, keep checking the blog out and soon, yes soon we'll have all sorts of interesting things for you too look at... especially if you're shopping for Christmas and other special gifts. You'll be able to see the listings first because they've been BRAGGED about here, with a direct link to the shop to make you lives easier!

Right I must be off now...gotta go and create something .........

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