Monday, 19 November 2012


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Winners of last months SHOP HOP

We have a Tie for First place;

Firstly, we have : Barb at Mountain Quilt Works.

Barb's WINNING Quilt :^D
Barb has sent us something that she'd like to share with all of you: 

While many of the quilters I meet online and here at Etsy have been quilting for years and years, my quilting experience dates back only to about two years ago. Well, not exactly true. For many years I made 're-purposed quilts' (fancy term for using fabric I had on hand because I couldn't afford to buy new fabric!) made from old denim jeans. Just big patchwork quilts that were hand tied. I even used old blankets for the batting - talk about a heavy quilt! I loved making them, so now everyone in my family has one of these all-purpose quilts in the trunk of their car for picnics, or stashed away in the closet.
Back in the mid-90's, I thought I'd splurge and buy fabric to make a king-sized quilt for our bed. Of course, the pattern I picked out was probably one of the more difficult. And it called for something like 90 different fabrics so it would have a kaleidoscope effect. Little did I know about accurate seam allowances, and so once I sewed the strips together and started cutting and piecing back together, nothing came together right. Frustration!  To Continue reading click HERE.

In 'Tie First Place', we have : Vicki of Vschwarm

Vicki had this to say :
Tie first place in the shop hop :^D

In a nutshell, my real passion is fabric and the ways of matching one fabric to another. 

I really love color, prints, and putting things together in unorthodox ways. 

I love making beautiful, utilitarian things that can enhance the home and be enjoyed for years to come. 

I LOVE Etsy because it has given me a chance to reach out to people from all over and put my work out there for them to enjoy.

ED: And there you have it :^D

In Second Place we Have: Colleen of Needles 'n Pins Stitchery.

From Colleen we hear :
Such a lovely bright little quilt! 

I have been sewing since I was a little girl and we don't want to say how many years that has been. About 20 years ago I decided I wanted to start quilting so I took a class and I was hooked from the first day. I love all the colors and patterns that are in fabrics and how you can use them in a quilt. 

I am a big fan of appliqué quilting as I like to do quilts that show a picture and tell a story. My favorite quilts that I like to do are a block type that has different appliqués in each block. I just love to match the borders and bindings to the colors in the blocks. 

I started my Etsy shop to have an outlet for all the quilts I love to make as my kids are telling me that they have enough quilts now. :)

ED :Don't let anything stop you Colleen! You have such beautiful work in your shop.

So that's it for this month folks! I'll be setting up a new Shop Hop    today. Do come along and join in the fun.

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Latest Shop Hop - October

So Folks.. This is the month of October.. lots of you have  Thanksgiving next month. What I Suggest that you post items related to that. Colour theme of: off white on white/  creams / tans / corn yellows  / butter nut / pinks/ pink browns/ pumpkin oranges and creams / turkey colours.. ha ha  Lets have some FUN.

Sunday, 30 September 2012


THIS  MONTH ... SEPTEMBER... We came and looked and voted.
The WINNER is :
Lorrie Durate of Quilted Pleasures with her quilt 'Autumn Leaves Quilt' 

Autumn Leaves Quilt
I started sewing in my early teens. At first it was clothing, but when it became cheaper to buy my clothes, that ended. I had fallen in love with fabric and wanted to create something... anything. I made small quilts for my niece and nephew and was hooked. Most everyone in my family has had a quilt made for them. I currently make quilts, table runners, wall hangings, fleece hats, spice-filled coasters, Christmas décor  and many other items. I'm always looking for something new to make that others will appreciate.

In Tie Second place we have : 
Halloween Toaster Cover
Elsie Vredenburg of Quilts by Elsie with her Quilted Wall hanging DO SIX TREES MAKE A FOREST
Do Six Trees Make A Forest.
AND Patricia Caldwell of The Butterfly Quilter with her Quilted Fall Wall hanging Fibre Art Quilt

Quilted Fall Wall Hanging, Fibre Art.

Anne Schneider of  Good Wishes Quilts with her Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bags.

This is a different picture 'cos I wanted to show her other goodies that go with the bag, 
ALSO Colleen Bass Of Needles 'n Pins Stitchery with her Pillow Autumn Pumpkins
AND .... :^) 

So all in all we had some great choices made here. Hope you had fun reading this :^D

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Lets go shopping everyone....

Theresa Hing Jewellery Studio
Lapis, Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet, Silver Ring Set.
AND the coveted HOT SPOT ad space  was won this month by:
Quilts By Elsie
St Augustine Lighthouse - Quilted Wall Hanging

 I wonder I think that for this month we'll have a theme.... It will be Halloween! and Fall or Autumn! 

So Lets see what you have. I think this months selections will be great! 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Winner of Augusts Shop Hop contest.

Well we have a winner and Elsie of Quilts by Elsie must be very chuffed that she has been chosen. :-) 
St Augustine Lighthouse Quilted Wall Hanging.
It certainly is a lovely quilt. A good choice by all :-)

I asked her some questions and she sent me this....OOOOhh. Thanks to everyone who voted for it. Yeah she's chuffed :)

1.Probably my paternal grandmother's. She taught me to quilt when I was about 15.
2. I've lived with quilts all my life. They were always on my bed. 3. Not so much as I used to be. Since the price of fabric has skyrocketed, I've been "shopping my stash" more, and only buying what I need. 
4. I never really thought of myself as artistic. For many years, I made all of my family's clothes and thought that was as creative as I could be. :) I do belong to a small arts group consisting mostly of painters, and they have inspired some of my quilts, particularly the vegetable still life series. My drawing skills are limited.
5. I've been accused of putting together colors no one else would think of. That is an enjoyable part of the process for me. I wouldn't consider it a problem. A good point from Elsie here...don't be scared of trying different colours.
6. I use 100% cotton fabrics. I also do a little hand dyeing and use those in my quilts. I don't have a favorite manufacturer, but use whatever is suitable for what I'm working on.
7. Where do I quilt? When my son left home I took over his bedroom for my studio. It is only 10' x 15' and has a walk-in closet where my quilts are stored. In that room, I have a cutting table, ironing board, three sewing machines and storage shelves. Can you say crowded? My longarm quilting machine (Tin Lizzie 18) is in my bedroom. I use the dining room table for design work, especially for larger items.
8. Tips for beginners? Start small. Don't leap into a queen size quilt for your first attempt. Do projects that you can complete in a reasonable time so that you have the satisfaction of the finished product. That will encourage you to go on to something a bit more challenging.
9. For the past 14 years, I have lived alone, so that has not been an issue. It was a struggle before that, because I could easily get myself buried in my quilting, and I had to learn to put it aside sometimes. Now, I watch some great-grandchildren fairly frequently and just have to stay out of my quilting areas when they're here.
10. Actually, you might say I'm slowly phasing out of the quilting. Not giving it up, but bringing in some other interests. For the past three years, I've been heading up a barn quilt project in our county (Osceola Quilt Trail ) and that takes a fair amount of time. I had a peek at that Quilt trail, rather interesting! 
11. I also have a small vegetable garden. I'm very active in my church, doing the finances, and was part of a project to add a new fellowship hall. I made some quilted wall hangings to decorate it. I have 3 kids, 8 grandchildren, and 3 great-grands. Have been widowed for nearly 14 years.

Isn't great to be able to get to know our fellow team mates a bit better. It's like being in a quilting group in a way :-) Great fun. Thank you Elsie!!! 

This month we had three runner's up: All with the same number of votes... interesting that :)So without further ado and in no particular order:

 Landscape art quilt, west coast sunset

Linda Johnson, Sew Up Scale, Landscape art quilt, west coast sunset                   Linda's BLOG has some great reads.
I got started quilting because my mother loved quilting. She loves to make crazy quilts and I like to make landscape quilted wall hangings and postcards. I've always loved to sew since I was a little girl. I got started making the postcards when I was still working full time. It seemed I would start a quilt and never finish it. The smaller quilted postcards are much quicker and I don't get bored before I get finished.

I have a fairly big stash of fabrics and lots of little scraps. I also love thread and have lots of thread. My sewing room is my son's former bedroom. He claims I couldn't wait for him to move out so I could convert it to a sewing room!

Ha ha ha ha ha *big grin* Your son may be right :) An interesting thought you have provoked, about not getting bored before you get finished. I think it would be a great way for a beginner or child to start a life of quilting. They may stay hooked on this particular field or they may end up elsewhere :) Who knows! 
Quilted Table Runner - Applique Rose of Sharon

Pat Leo of Patsy's Patchwork, Quilted Table Runner - Applique Rose of Sharon
Pat wrote to me saying:I have to blame my best friend Pat for my addiction to quilting and all things fabric. I've know her for over twenty years and we laugh about how she turned me into a monster. It all started when I would just go along for the ride when she went fabric shopping. Before I knew it I was hooked.

My first passion was painting. I was attracted to the colors and texture of the fabric and could immediately see the possibility of making art quilts. At the time I didn't even know there was such a thing.

I just recently started making traditional quilted items, mainly table runners and small quilts. I have discovered that I love both styles of quilting. Each morning you will find me in my sewing room designing new projects on EQ and cutting or sewing fabric.
I've just visited the EQ site.. wow, very interesting. Thank you so much for writing to us Pat. 

.Little bear claw Quilt
Tammy Menlove , Honey Suckle Cabin and  HoneyBee Designs..Little bear claw Quilt Tammy Says: 

I have loved sewing since I was a very young girl. When I was 16 I had a youth leader at church who was big into quilting. I LOVED her quilts and made my first "Trip around the World". I went on to make a double wedding ring soon after. It helped that my grandmother was a quilter and I still have the sun bonnet sue she made for me!
I have some old library book shelves colour coordinated and filled to the brim with Fabric, I'm such a fabri-holic :)
I am lucky to have a knack with colours and don't find it a problem when putting a quilt together, though traditional colours are my favourite, I'm learning to appreciate the bold ones now. 
Having been shifted about the house from a room to a corner to another corner then to the laundry space which was extended into the storage space while I created my quilts, we finally moved to a new home where my hubby custom built half the basement especially for me and my sewing machines and my long arm quilting machine. It's the best!:) 
One thing I can say to beginners, is , Buy a GOOD machine. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to create with something that doesn't work. Talk to other quilters.. we love to share ideas.
When my children were babies I worked into the wee hours, as they got older and went to school I worked when they were there, now they're big they gobble more time, so it's hard to squish in the time to quilt BUT I could never give it up! It keeps me sane! It's a form of  therapy for me.

Thank you so much Tammy. This has been a great way to get to know you better. I tell you something, I think we're all jealous of that awesome space you have in the basement. Lucky you!! :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

SHOP HOP Cyber Market!

Welcome back... I've been away on the ocean and have finally arrived at our destination... Fiji.. I know I'm sooo lucky!!! It as an interesting sail, we tore our Genoa..the big sail at the front of the yacht.. right in half... had to stick it together with a sail sticky tape and it held all the way here from Minerva reef... Whew.. anyway nuff about that... !!!!!

Theresa Hing Jewellery Studio

                 Delicate Faceted Ruby and Gold Vermeil Earrings

This Months winner of the Coveted Shop Hop Ad Space is:
Tracey from Canadian Quilts!
Boys Quilt.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Best Shop Hop

Silver Pendant with Labdorite made by Theresa Hing Jewellery Studio
Pay a visit to Theresa's studio. Her jewellery is really special and unique! Just click on the caption and you'll be right there. :-)

This photo below is our most recent winner!
West Coast Fishing Boat by Fotomo
This Cyber Flea Market or Shop Hop is being graced with the presence of Fotomo! He won the last ad space HOTSPOT! Well done Man!  Go and visit his shop by clicking on the caption.
And He SCORES BECAUSE..... as I'll be away for a few weeks, he gets 4 WEEKS Free Ad Space! WOW soooo cool!


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Things are Hotting Up!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fun fun fun, join us again....

Monday, 30 April 2012

Come and Join us at......

Artisan freeform Reticulated Silver & Lapis Pendant Necklace
From Theresa Hing Jewellery.

For Hotspot ads...Click on the captions not the pictures :-)

The WINNER of the 2 week Hotspot ad space.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Come and Join us at....


An example of a HOTSPOT advert. Click HERE to view.

Saturday, 31 March 2012


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Town Crier Calls....
The Latest Hottest Cyber Flea Market is Up!
Come One come All, Join in the Fun!
Whether you are Shopping or Selling, 
It's time to Enjoy and Indulge!
As a Post Card or Printed onto Canvas,
or Printed and Framed. Click here to see what's available.
This is a HOTSPOT advert.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hear ye! Hear ye!  
Visit our exclusive market for the discerning buyer!
All goods of great quality, handmade with care or refurbished vintage... some suppliers of crafts too!

It's a time to indulge and dream!
Leopard at night. ( A Hotspot Advert)

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hear ye! Hear ye!  
Visit our exclusive market for the discerning buyer!
All goods of great quality, handmade with care or refurbished vintage... some suppliers of crafts too!

It's a time to indulge and dream!
This could be Your Hot Spot Advert!

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The only Flea Market Hop for Etsy Shop owners

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Etsy's ONLY Flea Market Hop in the Country!

Valentines weekend is on it's way, getting ever closer by the day and I'm sure you have all been working hard to stock up for it! So take advantage of this Flea Market Hop and post some of them here! 
I'm looking forward to all the posts! 

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Name Change!

Just a quick note to everyone to let you know that I've changed my shop name on Etsy from Sylvie's Designs to:
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