Monday, 29 April 2013

Aprils Winner and the new Shop Hop

I really don't know what happened to April, It's just zoomed by in a flash it seems..and now we have another winner. This time it's Wendy Rippeon of Warm and Cozy Quilts! Well done Wendy!  Wendy's shop has only been going since September last year but she seems to be doing quite well according to her feedback messages :-) keep up the good work Wendy and we wish you the best!  This quilt is gorgeous!
Next we have an item of beauty of another kind altogether. Theresa Hing is a jewellery designer and she comes up with some intriguing designs. One of her latest ones is this lovely bracelet :
Theresa is based in the UK and will post all over the world. Her Postage prices are very reasonable. I love her work it's so unique!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April Shop Hop for Quilts and Quilt Supplies

Last Month's Winner of the Shop Hop was Cynthia Brunz. Her shop is called Cynthia B Designs
Cynthia has had her shop open on Etsy since August 2011 and has sold many quilts to happy customers. :^D  This is what her Quilt looks like:
Modern Lap Quilt in blue, green, purple, black patchwork
using Brooklyn Heights fabric by Kitty Yoshida
Below is an item from Theresa Hing's Jewellery shop on Etsy. Theresa is a very gifted lady.
Forged Sterling Silver geometric earrings with silver chains