Tuesday, 3 September 2013

September Shop Hop and August's Winner!

It's happened again and it's soooo cool. The winning ad submitted this month is the same as the winner of the QQQ Quilt of the month Contest. Yep! It's that amazing quilt called :

The Old Oak by Jean Sredl who's shop is called Quick 2 Listen Fibre Art.
The Old Oak


  1. Sylvie - I messed up on #7 and put my name instead of my Shop Name. (TweetyBeeStitches) Can you change it for me? I couldn't figure out how to edit it. Help please?

  2. Hi Debi ~ Sorted, no problem, I also changed the picture sizes. You'd used 75 x 75 size and that's blurry.. so I used 400 x 600 or whatever they were.. big ones anyway :-) Now your pictures look nice and clear.
    Hope you don't mind.