Monday, 19 November 2012

Winners of last months SHOP HOP

We have a Tie for First place;

Firstly, we have : Barb at Mountain Quilt Works.

Barb's WINNING Quilt :^D
Barb has sent us something that she'd like to share with all of you: 

While many of the quilters I meet online and here at Etsy have been quilting for years and years, my quilting experience dates back only to about two years ago. Well, not exactly true. For many years I made 're-purposed quilts' (fancy term for using fabric I had on hand because I couldn't afford to buy new fabric!) made from old denim jeans. Just big patchwork quilts that were hand tied. I even used old blankets for the batting - talk about a heavy quilt! I loved making them, so now everyone in my family has one of these all-purpose quilts in the trunk of their car for picnics, or stashed away in the closet.
Back in the mid-90's, I thought I'd splurge and buy fabric to make a king-sized quilt for our bed. Of course, the pattern I picked out was probably one of the more difficult. And it called for something like 90 different fabrics so it would have a kaleidoscope effect. Little did I know about accurate seam allowances, and so once I sewed the strips together and started cutting and piecing back together, nothing came together right. Frustration!  To Continue reading click HERE.

In 'Tie First Place', we have : Vicki of Vschwarm

Vicki had this to say :
Tie first place in the shop hop :^D

In a nutshell, my real passion is fabric and the ways of matching one fabric to another. 

I really love color, prints, and putting things together in unorthodox ways. 

I love making beautiful, utilitarian things that can enhance the home and be enjoyed for years to come. 

I LOVE Etsy because it has given me a chance to reach out to people from all over and put my work out there for them to enjoy.

ED: And there you have it :^D

In Second Place we Have: Colleen of Needles 'n Pins Stitchery.

From Colleen we hear :
Such a lovely bright little quilt! 

I have been sewing since I was a little girl and we don't want to say how many years that has been. About 20 years ago I decided I wanted to start quilting so I took a class and I was hooked from the first day. I love all the colors and patterns that are in fabrics and how you can use them in a quilt. 

I am a big fan of appliqué quilting as I like to do quilts that show a picture and tell a story. My favorite quilts that I like to do are a block type that has different appliqués in each block. I just love to match the borders and bindings to the colors in the blocks. 

I started my Etsy shop to have an outlet for all the quilts I love to make as my kids are telling me that they have enough quilts now. :)

ED :Don't let anything stop you Colleen! You have such beautiful work in your shop.

So that's it for this month folks! I'll be setting up a new Shop Hop    today. Do come along and join in the fun.

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